Diploma Holistic Massage

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Course Description

A great foundation for holistic therapies, holistic massage is the manipulation of soft tissue for therapeutic purposes. It is ideal treatment for injuries, tension, chronic muscular pain, stress relief and for well being and nurture.

The holistic massage student will also study the anatomy and physiology of the body.


Upon successful completion of the course the leaner will receive a I.T.E.C. Diploma in Holistic Massage and Anatomy and Physiology. They will also receive certification in business and professionalism.

Course Content

Anatomy and Physiology: Study structures, functions and pathologies of all systems of the body covering areas such as skeletal, muscular, nervous, endocrine and circulatory.

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Holistic Massage: The history, theory and philosophy of body massage. Contra-Indications, client consultation, The holistic approach. Six classical massage movements and the therapeutic value of each. Client care and case studies.

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Professionalism & Business Awareness

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Class Times

One weekend per month from  9.30am- 5:00pm.


The I.T.E.C. Examination is graded and validated by the International Therapy Examination Council.

The exam is in two parts:

  1. The examination is a one hour multiple choice theory paper (per course subject) and comprises of fifty questions on all aspects of the course.

  2. A one hour practical exam with external examiner from I.T.E.C.
  3. Exam fee to be paid.

Registration Fee/Deposit

A registration fee/Deposit is required to hold a place on the course. Once course has commenced Registration fees are non refundable.  In the exception of a course not commencing all registration fees will be refunded.


Written and verbal fluency in English are a requirement for this course.

Uniforms are required for all practical classes. Uniform consists of white tunic and black trousers.

Textbooks required:

An Introductory Guide to Anatomy & Physiology (4th edition) by Louise Tucker

An Introductory Guide to Massage by Louise Tucker



Start date:       15th September 2017
Days/Times:   Fridays 10.00 – 4.30
Duration:           6  Months                         
Reg/Deposit:     €  700  (non refundable once course starts)
Total Fee:            €1700
Maximum number in class:    8

2 responses to “Diploma Holistic Massage”

  1. Suzie Dodd says:

    Hi I am interested in your holistic massage course and I notice it has just started. Could you tell me when the next one is starting. Also if there was any chance of jumping in that would be great. I am a yoga and pilates teacher so I have some anatomy training already. Thank you. Suzie Dodd 0863137219

    • enid says:

      Hi Suzie, thanks for query. i am hoping to start a course within the next few weeks. The course will include a diploma in anatomy and physiology, holistic massage and business & professionalism. Will call again later on. cheers Enid

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