Indian Head Massage

images (39)     Indian Head Massage Workshop.

This Indian head massage workshop is based on ancient Indian techniques. Indian head massage is ideal for relieving stress and tension by using a variety of massage movements on the shoulders, neck, head and face.

By using these massage movements circulation is improved to the head, neck and shoulders therefore relaxing and releasing any tension and stress from these areas.

Benefits include clearing the mind, relieving headaches, improving scalp conditions to name but a few.

No experience is required for this one-day workshop.

Plus: To enhance your Indian Head Massage workshop you will also be tutored on how to do Hand & Foot Massage for relaxation

By the end of the day Students will

    • Be aware of contraindications to Indian head massage
    • Describe the function of each of the massage techniques
    • Demonstrate Indian Head Massage sequence using massage techniques.
    • Demonstrate Hand and Foot massage techniques
    • to go home feeling you have gained knowledge, skill, relaxed, smiling and new connections.

Date: 18th Feb 2017
Cost: €80 (deposit €30)
Time: 9.30am-5.00pm
Maximum: 10 per class

To apply: download application form. Due to limited places all deposits are non-refundable. If course does not take place deposits will be totally refunded.

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